Academic Users

Standard charges are calculated per Allocation Unit of CPU time, defined as 1 core-hour on an ARCHIE-WeSt standard compute node i.e. 1 core-hour of the Intel X5650 2.66GHz CPU (Turbo disabled).

Different parts of the service will be charged at different multiples of the Allocation Unit to reflect the differing resources available. These are:

Service Element
 AU multiplier
 Standard node  1.0
 High-memory node  1.5
 GPU node  12.0

Data storage is free up to 250GB. Thereafter there is a monthly charge of £25 per 0.5TB. Users exceeding their quota for longer than 7 days will be charged at £50 per 0.5TB for every part month for which they remain over quota.

VAT is charged as appropriate on all quoted fees.

Partner Institutions

University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Strathclyde, University of Stirling and University of the West of Scotland

High Priority Access

The standard price per Allocation Unit is £0.04 for Partner Institutions users.

Standard Priority Access

Standard Priority Access is available via an annual subscription fee of £500 per user per year. The subscription year runs from 1st April – 31st March the following year. There is no restriction to the amount of core-hours that can be consumed via low priority access.

Non-Partner Institutions

Access is via the priority route only. The standard Academic rate for Non-Partner institutions is £0.06 per Allocation Unit.

Non-Academic Users

The standard price per Allocation Unit is £0.10 for Industrial users . VAT will be charged at the usual rates as appropriate. Charges for data storage and AU multiplier remain the same as for Academic users (both Partner and Non-Partner institutions)