Design of a Novel Riser System for Deep-water

Design of a Novel Riser System for Deep-water

As offshore engineering moves into deeper water fields, marine risers play an important role in the offshore production. The demand for cost effective riser solutions raises with the increasing desire to explore oil and gas in deep water field. Design of deep-water risers is very challenging because of harsh environment.

The major deepwater challenges are high hydrostatic pressure, prediction of riser loads and response, flow assurance, increased top-tension, and designing for economical installation. For drilling, an additional challenge is the ability of the formation to withstand pressure from the enormous weight of mud in the riser. Therefore, a large number of new dynamic riser solutions have been presented to the industry over the last few years.

The overall aim of the PhD thesis is to develop a novel rigid riser solution to withstand extreme cases. ARCHIE-WeST facilities are being used by PhD Student Achoyamen Michael Ogbeifun in this PhD thesis.

For more information, please contact: Selda Oterkus (, Vice Director at Peridynamic Research Centre at the Department of Naval Architecture Marine & Ocean Engineering University of Strathclyde.

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