Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Multi-Bladed Tidal Turbine


Mitchell Borg, PhD Researcher, at the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean, and Marine Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, is making use of ARCHIE-WeSt to investigate the hydrodynamics and structural mechanics of a ducted high-solidity tidal turbine. The project supervised by Dr Wendi Liu, Research Associate at NAOME, is conducted in cooperation with EDF R&D (France), who provide the numerical resources necessary to complete the project.

Ducted turbines allow the upstream containment of fluid for a potential increase in mass flow rate through the turbine whilst constraining the downstream wake; providing distinct advantages in turbine farms and incoherent flow features. Numerical implementations allow further in-depth analysis in establishing the hydrodynamic-induced stresses along the structure, subsequently permitting improved reliability analyses for economical commissioning purposes.

For more information about the project, contact Mr Mitchell Borg (mitchell.borg [at] strath [dot] ac [dot] uk) or  Dr Wendi Liu (wendi.liu [at] strath [dot] ac [dot] uk).

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