Low-Order Modelling of Unsteady Aerofoil and Wing Flows


Dr Kiran Ramesh, in the Aerospace Sciences division (School of Engineering) at the University of Glasgow is using ARCHIE-WeSt to investigate unsteady external flows past wings and aerofoils. Unsteady flows are prevalent in several modern aerospace research problems such as aerodynamic optimisation of wind-energy harvesting devices, use of flapping foils for propulsion/high-lift, design of HALE (High-Altitude Long Endurance) aircraft, and design of futuristic aircraft with flexible wings of large aspect ratios. The flow physics in these problems exhibits significant nonlinearities such as flow separation and vortex shedding. Dr. Ramesh aims to derive and develop new theoretical and low-cost numerical methods for these problems. CFD is used to both study the flow physics to inform model development, and also to validate the models thus developed across relevant regimes. The low-order solvers are available open-source through the UNSflow project.

For more information about the project contact Dr Kiran Ramesh (kiran.ramesh [at] glasgow [dot] ac [dot] uk), Lecturer in the School of Engineering, University of Glasgow.


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