ARCHIE Specification

ARCHIE-WeSt Specification


ARCHIE-WeStLenovo-HPC is a state-of-the art Research Computing Centre  for the West of Scotland based at the University of Strathclyde which provides research Computing facilities to the University of Strathclyde and other Institutions primarily in the west of Scotland.

The aim of the centre is to support multi-disciplinary research, with a centre of gravity in engineering and physical sciences, while reaching out to other disciplines and to encourage and enable industrial usage and collaboration.


Standard Nodes 2560 cores (64 Lenovo SD530 nodes) with 192GB of RAM per node (4.8GB per core) using Intel Xeon Gold 6138 (Skylake) processors @2.0GHz (40 cores per node)
High Memory Nodes Two Lenovo SR850 nodes with 3TB RAM and Intel Xeon Gold 6138 (Skylake) processors @2.0GHz (80 cores per node)
Login & Visualization Nodes Four Lenovo SR650 ThinkSystem login nodes with Intel Xeon Gold 6138 (Skylake) processors @2.0GHz (40 cores per node) with 768GB of RAM, and 480GB RAID1 SSD. All login nodes have nVidia Quadro P4000 graphics cards for visualization
GPU Nodes Eight NVidia A100 GPUs, housed in two Lenovo SR670 servers, each with 40 cores and 192GB RAM (four GPUs per server)
Network INTEL Omnipath 100GB/s networking for MPI (standard nodes). All nodes connected via 10Gbps Ethernet for storage and other purposes
Storage 825TB of high performance GPFS storage, capable of over 12GB/s data transfer and much better metadata performance, connected via redundant 40Gbps Ethernet.

The hardware was supplied by Lenovo and installed by OCF.