ARCHIE-WeSt for Industry Users

The ARCHIE-WeSt Service for Industry Users

Why use High Performance Computing? Take a look at our explainer video:


What ARCHIE-WeSt Offers

We offer new Industrial Customers:
      • free 1000 core-hours along with basic training and support to enable you to get up and running
      • 250 GB free storage (expandable)
      • maximum job size of 400 cores

This will enable you to evaluate our service at no cost (software licensing costs may be applicable).

Once you move beyond the evaluation phase, we offer:
      • the highest priority service for industrial users
      • installation of software as required. In the case of the commercially licensed software the User is responsible for obtaining appropriate licenses*
      • responsive support by a highly professional team
      • automatic backup of the User home directory (for 15 days*)
Additional services may include:
      • consultancy
      • specific software training
      • fast data transfer
      • remote access to visualization servers

* See Terms and Conditions for the details. Full Terms and Conditions are available here.

What ARCHIE-WeSt Costs

The minimum purchase is £1000 (ex VAT) per project, corresponding to 20,000 core-hours.

Our basic price is £0.05 per core-hour. A core-hour means using a single CPU-core for 1 hour. Most of our servers have 40 cores, therefore, occupying a server for one hour would cost £2.00. Discounts may be offered for high volume purchases (>100 thousand core-hours). There is a monthly charge for extra data storage of £10 per 500GB for every part of 500GB used. VAT will be charged at the usual rates as appropriate.


The standard level of basic User support is one-hour of support for every £1000 of compute time purchased.

Additional User support, including more specialist software training, can be purchased upon negotiation with ARCHIE-WeSt staff.