Combustion sub-model development using high-fidelity DNS data

Combustion Sub-Model Development Using High-Fidelity DNS Data


Dr. Zacharias M. Nikolaou in the department of Chemical and Process Engineering, at the University of Strathclyde, is using ARCHIE-WeST in order to develop turbulence and combustion sub-grid scale models, in the context of Large Eddy Simulation (LES), for turbulent and reacting flows. Such flows occur in many devices such as gas-turbine combustors, gasifiers/reformers, internal-combustion engines etc. With the advent of modern more powerful computer architectures, LES is becoming the de facto tool in industry for the design of such devices. LES requires closures for all the non-resolved terms appearing in the governing equations, and Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) databases are frequently used to develop and validate such models. DNS in contrast to LES, resolves all length and time scales and is therefore computationally more expensive than LES. ARCHIE-West is used both to perform such DNS studies for conditions of interest, but also to post-process the results by explicitly filterting the DNS data in space. By doing so one is able to compute the LES field and hence to develop closures for the sub-grid terms.

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