Characterization of solid-liquid mixing in a continuous oscillatory baffled crystallizer using CFD

figurePhD candidate Guillermo Jimeno, in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University is using ARCHIE-WeSt to investigate energy losses on Continuous oscillatory baffled crystallizers (COBC), device widely used for purification of pharmaceuticals. This analysis is firstly carried out by looking into pressure drop propagation throughout the device and by studying how baffle diameter, number of baffles per unit-length and geometric set up would influence pressure drop propagation and oscillation dampening. Subsequently, the presence of solids in the device is modelled as a discrete phase, and the residence time distributions of both liquid in terms of massless particles and solids of different mono sizes are examined. This would provide information on critical sizes at which crystals no longer follow the liquid phase accurately, due to increasing drag forces. Ultimately, the combination of both phenomena will be diagnosed and tested as the cause of crystals settling. The outcomes of this research will enrich the understanding of COBCs’ mixing efficiency and allow the prediction of optimal operation conditions for avoiding solids settling.

For more information about the project contact Mr Guillermo Jimeno (gj33 [at] hw [dot] ac [dot] uk), or Prof. Xiong-Wei Ni ( [at] hw [dot] ac [dot] uk), who is supervising this research at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK.

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