Intelligent Decision Support and Control Technologies for Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation of Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals – ICT-CMAC

The industry 4.0 concept revolves around acquiring and processing vast amounts of process data. The purpose of the ICT-CMAC project (Information Control Technology for Continious Manufacturing and Crystalisation) is to develop and introduce practical techniques of collecting, fusing, and visualizing the data streams coming from a wide variety of sensors already existing in the University’s laboratories. This includes e.g. cameras, spectrometers, flow, pressure and temperature sensors e.t.c; The data is then combined with metadata (e.g. user-supplied tags) and archived for purposes of data mining in the future.

dziewierzAn example user interface for visualizing the data stream coming from a hyperspectral camera. The hyperspectral camera produces 50GB per day of operation. The experiment is to analyse a continuous drug manufacture process.


For more information about the project contact Dr Jerzy Dziewierz ( Research Associate or Prof Anthony Gachagan () at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.

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