Semi-classical Monte-Carlo Simulations of Sub-Doppler cooling in 40K

Semi-Classical Monte-Carlo Simulations of Sub-Doppler Cooling in 40K

Experiments with ultracold quantum gases in optical lattices provide model systems with which to realise complex many-body systems, with an unprecedented degree of control over system parameters, including inter-particle interactions and trapping geometries.  Under the leadership of Prof Stefan Kuhr, researchers in the Photonics Group of the Physics Department at University of Strathclyde are developing a new apparatus to investigate many-body fermionic physics with single-particle resolution.  In order to realise these experiments, atoms are pre-cooled to the mK-regime using lasers.  The team are currently investigating how to better understand and optimize the laser cooling of 40K using a semi-classical Monte Carlo model of atom-light interactions in collaboration with Dr Saijun Wu of Swansea University.

For more information about the project contact Prof. Stefan Kuhr ( at the Department of Physics at the University of Strathclyde.

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