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Who is Who on ARCHIE-WeSt






Area of Interests

Software Used

Abagulum Fidelis fidelis.abagulum@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
Abdallah Saleh Saleh.Abdallah@uws.ac.uk UWS Computing Video Coding HEVC
Adam Grain grain.adam@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde EEE
Ahmad Abdul abdul.o.ahmad@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Al-Hadhrami Tawfik Tawfik.AlHadhrami@uws.ac.uk UWS Computing Video Coding HEVC
Amir Muhammad muhammad.amir@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde DMEM
Aashcroft Timothy timothy.ashcroft@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde ChemEng
Barlow Euan euan.barlow@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Management Sci
Bao Fubing fubing.bao@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Fluid Mechanics OpenFoam
Bennet Derek derek.bennet@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Blake Christopher christopher.blake@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Borg Matthew matthew.borg@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Brown Lewis lewis.brown@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE CFD, Oil Separation ANSYS FLUENT
Brown Richard richard.brown@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Aerodynamics, Hypersonic Flight and Propulsion Matlab, OpenFoam
Bruce Graham graham.bruce@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Burr Kelly kelly.burr@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde EEE
Carboni Marco mrcaboni@gmail.com Glasgow Engineering
Campbell Lawrence lawrence.campbell@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Campobasso Sergio Sergio.Campobasso@glasgow.ac.uk Glasgow Engineering
Cannon Daniel daniel.a.cannon@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde AppliedChem
Cardillo Franco Alberto franco.alberto.cardillo@isti.cnr.it Strathclyde CIS
Centi Alessia alessia.centi@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde ChemEng
Cheung David david.cheung@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde AppliedChem Molecular Simulation Lammps, GROMACS
Connell David david.j.connell@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde ChemEng Protein Adsorption on Inorganic Surfaces NAMD, VMD
Connor Richard richard.connor@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CIS
Craft John j.a.craft@gcu.ac.uk GCU Life Science Phylogenetics and Next Generation Sequencing MrBayes
Cruz Diaz Andry andry.cruzdiaz@gcu.ac.uk GCU CCIS
Czajkowska Anna anna.kucala@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
Diyaroglu Cagan cagan.diyaroglu@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Docherty Stephanie stephanie.docherty@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Molecular Simulations (DSMC, MD) of Micro and Nanoscale Flows OpenFoam, Matlab
Drysdale Timothy tim.drysdale@glasgow.ac.uk Glasgow Engineering
Dziewierz Jerzy jerzy.dziewierz@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde EEE
Egbuson Tarinumu tarinumu.egbuson@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Fabre Sylvie sylvie.fabre@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde EEE
Fedorov Maxim maxim.fedorov@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Federix Pim pim.frederix@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde AppliedChem
Gigante Fabio gigante.fabio84@libero.it Glasgow Engineering
Gourlay Terry terry.gourlay@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde BioEng
Graham Bruce b.graham@cs.stir.ac.uk Stirling Computer Sci
Gray Ross ross.gray@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Hart Martin m.hart.1@research.gla.ac.uk Glasgow Physics
Henderson James j.r.henderson@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Hill Grant grant.hill@glasgow.ac.uk Glasgow Chemistry
Humble Joseph Joseph.Humble@gcu.ac.uk GCU Life Sciences
Iannetti Aldo aldo.iannetti@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE CFD, Pumps Ansys Fluent
Ioannou Nikolaos nikolaos.ioannou@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Microfluidics Fortran
Irondi Iheanyi Iheanyi.Irondi@uws.ac.uk UWS Computing Video Coding HEVC
Islam  Mohammad ranaul.islam@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics Relativistic Plasma Physics, Ultra-High Field Physics HDF5, PYTHON, OSIRIS
Ivanistsev Vladislav vladislav.ivanistsev@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics GROMACS, GPAW, SCM, ADF, CP2K
Ivekovic Spela spela.ivekovic@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
McGuinness James jmc@cs.stir.ac.uk Striling Computer Sci
Johnston Karen karen.johnston@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde ChemEng Organic-Inorganic Interfaces, Molecules on Surface GROMACS, DFT
Jones Gareth gareth.jones@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
Jorge Miguel miguel.jorge@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde ChemEng
Kaczmarczyk Lukasz Lukasz.Kaczmarczyk@glasgow.ac.uk Glasgow Engineering
Kellett Paula paula.kellett@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch Computational Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics StarCCM+
King Martin m.king@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Kirchner Kathleen kathleen.kirchner@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Kirchner Tom tom.kirchner@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Kockar Ivana ivana.kockar@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde EEE
Kubiak-Ossowska Karina karina.kubiak@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde ChemEng Molecular Dynamics, Protein Adsorption NAMD, VMD
Kwanashie August a.kwanashie.1@research.gla.ac.uk Glasgow School of Computing
Lage Isabel claraisabel.lage@uam.es Strathclyde Physics
Li Jonathan jonathan.li@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Lim James j.lim@qub.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Liskiewicz Grzegorz grzegorz.liskiewicz@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE CFD, Compressor Surge ANSYS FLUENT
Liu Haihu haihu.liu@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Computational Fluid Dynamics StarCCM+
Liu Wendi wendi.liu@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Computational Fluid Dynamics StarCCM+
Lopez Alejandro alejandro.lopez@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
MacLaren Ian ian.maclaren@glasgow.ac.uk Glasgow Physical Sci
Maddock Christie christie.maddock@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Aerodynamics, Hypersonic Flight and Propulsion Matlab, OpenFoam
Mahon David david.mahon@glasgow.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Mair Quentin q.mair@gcu.ac.uk GCU CCIS
Manlove David David.Manlove@glasgow.ac.uk Glasgow Computing
Martin Richard richard.martin@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Admin
Masi Luca luca.masi@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Mazzoni Chiara chiara.mazzoni@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
McBride Ian i.mcbride.1@research.gla.ac.uk Glasgow Computing
McCombes Tom tom.mccombes@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
McGlinchey Don d.mcglinchey@gcu.ac.uk GCU Engineering
McKenna Paul paul.mckenna@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics Laser-Plasma Physics EPOCH PIC code
Mclean Andrew andrew.mclean@uws.ac.uk UWS Physical Sci
McNeil Brian b.w.j.mcneil@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Meng Jianping jianping.meng@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Meng Xiang xmeng28@gmail.com GCU Life Sciences
Michalis Panagiotis p.michalis@strath.ac.u Strathclyde CivilEng
Minisci Edmondo edmondo.minisci@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Aerodynamics, Hypersonic Flight and Propulsion Matlab, OpenFoam
Mogavero Alessandro alessandro.mogavero@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Aerodynamics, Hypersonic Flight and Propulsion Matlab, OpenFoam
Moore David j.d.moore@gcu.ac.uk GCU CCIS
Morozov Gregory gregory.morozov@uws.ac.uk UWS Engineering
Mortola Giuseppe g.mortola@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Moss Robert robert.moss@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CIS
Mueller Marcus marcus.mueller@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde BioEng
Mulheran Paul paul.mulheran@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde ChemEng
Mulla Saif saif.mulla@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Murray Morgan morgan.murray@glasgow.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Mushet Garrie garrie.mushet@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Nicholls William william.nicholls@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Nightingale James James.Nightingale@uws.ac.uk UWS Computing Video Coding HEVC
Nutbeam-Tuffs Sian s.nutbeam@physics.gla.ac.uk Glasgow Physics
O’Connor Sean sean.o-connor@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics Molecular Dynamics GROMACS
O’Malley Gregg Gregg.O’Malley@glasgow.ac.uk Glasgow Computing
Orr Rosemary rosemary.orr@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Pagnozzi Daniele daniele.pagnozzi@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Palharini Rodrigo rodrigo.palharini@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Palmer David david.palmer@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics Molecular Simulation NAMD, GROMACS, AMBER, NeChem, R, Matlab
Perez Ortiz Alberto alberto.perez.ortiz@ed.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch Aerodynamics, Hypersonic Flight and Propulsion Matlab, OpenFoam
Pescetelli Fabrizio fabrizio.pescetelli@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Plecas Milana milana.plecas@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde EEE
Poulis Giannis giannis.poulis@sgurrenergy.com Sgurr Energy Sgurr Energy
Powell Haynd haydn.powell@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Puri Manpreet manpreet.puri@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
Ray Gaurav gaurav.raj@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics Relativistic Plasma Physics, Ultra-High Field Physics HDF5, PYTHON, OSIRIS
Reese Jason jason.reese@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Reid Campbell campbell.reid@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde BioEng
Ritos Konstantinos konstantinos.ritos@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Romanova Anastasia anastasia.romanova@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Sakata Shuzo shuzo.sakata@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde SIPBS
Saleh Salah salah.saleh@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
Scanlon Tom tom.scanlon@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Ari Seitsonen Ari.P.Seitsonen@iki.fi Strathclyde Physics
Seyoum Alemtsehay alemtsehay.seyoum@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
Singh Nishant nishant.singh@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Smith David david.smith@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Sun Mengshi m.sun@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Tanyimboh Tiku tiku.tanyimboh@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng Urban Water Systems, Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms, Hydroinformatics EPANET 2.0. SWMM 5.0
Tuttle Tell tell.tuttle@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Applied Chem
Vourch Clement c.vourch.1@research.gla.ac.uk Glasgow Engineering
Wang Enhao e.wang@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Wang Qi Qi.Wang@uws.ac.uk UWS Computing Video Coding HEVC
Wei Guoke guoke.wei@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
White Craig craig.white@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Willson David david.willson@sgurrenergy.com Sgurr Energy Sgurr Energy
Wu Lei l.wu@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Wuilbercq Romain romain.wuilbercq@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE Aerodynamics, Hypersonic Flight and Propulsion Matlab, OpenFoam
Xiao Qing qing.xiao@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Xu Yixiang yixiang.xu@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
Yang Guangliang guangliang.yang@glasgow.ac.uk Glasgow Physics
Yoffe Sam sam.yoffe@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics Relativistic Plasma Physics, Ultra-High Field Physics HDF5, PYTHON, OSIRIS
Zhu Ning n.zhu@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Zimon Malgorzata malgorzata.zimon@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Zoet Petrus petrus.zoet@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
 plus PIs:
Bedford Tim tim.bedford@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Management Sci
Biggs James james.biggs@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Boutaleb Tuleen t.boutaleb@gcu.ac.uk Strathclyde Engineering
Chen Yu y.chen@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Finney Stephen stephen.finney@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde EEE
Gachagan Tony a.gachagan@eee.strath.ac.uk Strathclyde EEE
Huang Shan shan.huang@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Incecik Atilla atilla.incecik@na-me.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Jaroszynski Dino dino@phys.strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics Relativistic Plasma Physics, Ultra-High Field Physics HDF5, PYTHON, OSIRIS
Kuhr Stefan stefan.kuhr@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
McInnes Colin colin.mcinnes@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Pytharouli Stella stella.pytharouli@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
Quail Francis francis.quail@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde EEE
Saafi Mohamed m.bensalem.saafi@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde CivilEng
Sentenac Philippe philippe.sentenac@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde Physics
Torr Ralph ralph.torr@sgurrenergy.com Sgurr Energy Sgurr Energy
Stickland Matt matt.stickland@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE CFD, Pumps, Oil Separation, Compressor Surge ANSYS FLUENT
Taylor Ian ian.taylor@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE
Turan Osman o.turan@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde NavalArch
Zhang Yonghao yonghao.zhang@strath.ac.uk Strathclyde MAE