My Usage

My Usage

This page contains a record of your usage of ARCHIE in core hours*. Note, this only includes jobs completed by 3.00am.

*How Core-Hours are Calculated

Core hours are calculated using the formula:

[(End Time - Start Time) * number-of-slots * number-of-cores-per-slot]/3600

Number of slots: this is the number of slots requested in a parallel environment e.g.

#$ -pe mpi-verbose 2  (2 slots)

Number of cores per slot: this varies depending on the parallel environment / queue used

Queue Parallel Environment Cores per Slot
parallel.q mpi / mpi-verbose 12*
gpu.q / gpu-dev.q gpu / gpu-verbose 12*
serial.q 1
smp.q smp / smp-verbose 1
* For  parallel.q / gpu.q /gpu-dev.q we include all 12 cores on each requested node in the core-hour calculation. This is because any idle cores are not available to other users.