Access ARCHIE-WeSt

ARCHIE-WeSt Access


1) Terminal Access (ssh)


To login to ARCHIE-WeSt via ssh (e.g. from Linux/Mac), use any of the following login nodes: ( ( ( (

For example:

ssh -X

-X is optional and will tunnel X windows back to your desktop.
From Windows, download putty . Click on the images below for instructions on how to use Putty.
[nggallery id=4]

2) Graphical Desktop Session


A graphical desktop session can be obtained using the ThinLinc remote desktop client (Windows/Linux/Mac). View the images below to see the suggested configuration options (click on an image to exit).
[nggallery id=9]
Pressing F8 from within the desktop session will give you access to the ThinLinc client options.
You can “suspend” the session by simply closing the window via the “X” on the top LH corner. You can of course resume suspended sessions.
However, if you have no applications running, we recommend that you log out so as to release the license.

3) Visualization Servers


Use the ThinLinc remote desktop client to connect to Follow the instructions above for “2) Graphical Desktop Session”, but replacing with
To get the best performance use prefix all GUI commands with  vglrun  to ensure that your applications use the server installed graphics card. For example to run vmd type:

vglrun vmd

instead of simply vmd.