Numerical Simulations of Flapping Wing Dynamics Using a Partitioned Fluid-Structure Interaction Solver with Overset Grids

Guangyu Shi who is currently a PhD student at the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, is using ARCHIE-WeSt to develop a partitioned fluid-structure interaction (FSI) solver based on overset grids and then simulate three-dimensional flapping wing dynamics using this in-house FSI solver. This project is under the supervision of Dr Wendi Liu who is presently a research associate at NAOME.

By flapping their wings to interact and manipulate the surrounding air flow, birds and/or insects are able to achieve remarkable maneuverability. It is fascinating to study how the birds and/or insects control their wings and maintain high lift force, thrust force and efficiency. The wings of the birds and insects are inherently flexible and embedded with veins and bones, which will involve considerable aero-elastic deformations and lead to a strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction problem. In present project, we will develop a fully coupled FSI solver which uses overset grids to handle large mesh deformations to study the complicated flapping wing dynamics.

For more information about the project, contact Mr Guangyu Shi (guangyu.shi [at] strath [dot] ac [dot] uk) or Dr Wendi Liu (wendi.liu [at] strath [dot] ac [dot] uk). For a list of the research areas in which ARCHIE-WeSt users are active please click here.