Investigation of Cavitation Influence on Rudder-Propeller-Hull Interaction

Naz Yilmaz who is PhD student in the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering at University of Strathclyde is using ARCHIE-WeSt to investigate cavitation influence on propeller rudder and hull interaction. Cavitation is a complex fluid mechanics phenomenon that can develop on a ship propeller resulting in efficiency loss of the propeller as well as causing underwater radiated noise, erosion and vibration problems. Computational modelling of a tip and hub vortex cavitation in a propeller’s slipstream is still challenging for CFD users. Although prediction of cavitation on the propeller blade surfaces has been tackled by many researchers, the efforts for stretching the model to include the tip vortex and hub cavitation leaving the propeller and reaching rudder are rather scarce. The main purpose of this project is to investigate propeller rudder hull interaction and to estimate the propeller’s performance in cavitating conditions particularly developing tip vortex cavitation. Whilst, this PhD project is based on computational fluid dynamics methods, experimental tests were also conducted in cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University where the cavitation tests were performed.figure For more information about the project please contact with Naz Yilmaz (naz.gorener [at] strath [dot] ac [dot] uk) – supported by Turkish Ministry of Education during her PhD studies – or Prof. Mehmet Atlar (mehmet.atlar [at] strath [dot] ac [dot] uk) who is the first supervisor for this PhD project.


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