Postgraduate Opportunities in Supercomputing

Postgraduate opportunities in Supercomputing

Wednesday 26th February 2pm, McCance Lecture Theatre MC303


Come and find out about training and research involving Supercomputers at the University of Edinburgh and at the University of Strathclyde.


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There will be two presentations:
1. Supercomputers in Science & Engineering: From the Big Bang to Climate Change
2. Supercomputing in Science & Engineering at the University of Strathclyde using ARCHIE-WeSt

Supercomputers in Science & Engineering: From the Big Bang To Climate Change

The national supercomputer and the MSc in High Performance Computing

Dr Kenton D’Mellow; EPCC, The University of Edinburgh

Today’s supercomputers are the most powerful calculating machines ever invented, and they get faster every year. EPCC, the supercomputing centre at the University of Edinburgh, has been at the forefront of supercomputing for  over 20 years. We currently host the UK’s national High Performance Computing (HPC) services, including ARCHER which is the UK’s fastest supercomputer with over 72,000 processors.
This talk will cover what supercomputers are, how they are programmed and the key role they play in areas such as nanotechnology, particle physics, cosmology, engineering and climate research.
EPCC also teaches a one-year postgraduate Masters course, the MSc in High Performance Computing, which covers all the parallel programming techniques required to use machines such as ARCHER. Two School scholarships, each valued at £9,300, are available for academic year 2014/15. Students of all nationalities are eligible to be considered. We also have a number of scholarships for 2014/15 aimed at Scottish and EU students, with a focus on working with local companies to solve real-world computational problems.


Supercomputing in Science & Engineering at the University of Strathclyde using ARCHIE-WeSt

Prox Maxim Fedorov, Dr Paul Mulheran, University of Strathclyde

Membrane design using Molecular Dynamics on ARCHIE

The University of Strathclyde hosts the largest supercomputer in the West of Scotland called ARCHIE-WeSt. ARCHIE is deeply embedded in research programmes across the University, in particular in Science and Engineering, for example in the simulation of graphene membranes for water purification, simulation of spacecraft re-entry, drug discovery, renewable energy, modelling of underwater noise and laser driven compact X-ray sources. This talk will outline postgraduate opportunities in these research areas and many others which will make heavy use of one of the largest computers in the UK.