Licensed Software

Licensed Software Installed on ARCHIE-WeSt


Package Version Application Area Website
Abaqus 6.13 Multiphysics
AMBER 14.0 Molecular Dynamics
ANSYS 16.2 Engineering Simulation
ANSYS FLUENT 16.2 Fluid Dynamics
COMSOL 5.2 Multiphysics
Intel Compiler Suite 15.0.3 Complier Suite
Maple  2015 Mathematical and analytical Software
Matlab 2015a Numerical computation and visualization
Mathematica 8.0.4 Mathematics
Molpro 2012.1 Computational Chemistry
PGI Compiler Suite 16.4 Compiler Suite
PZFlex 5.0 Finite Element
STAR-CCM+ 11.0.2 Fluid dynamics
Sublime Text 2.0 Text Editor
Turbomole 6.0.2 Computational Chemistry
Windows 7 Pro Operating System
XPRESS 7.7 Optimization Software