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ARCHIE Project title: 20
Project PI: Department Of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering
Department: 01/06/2021
Address: Department Of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering, , licensed software, G4 0LZ
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Does the PI require to run calculations? 1
Number of users involved in the project: 12 months
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Dr, Mohammud, Khodabux, NAOME, 07904503629, postdoc

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ARCHIE Project description: 20
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The project deals with the design and optimisation of a new type of structure for offshore wind turbine floaters. This is a unique foundation where multiple turbines would be operated rather than the conventional approach of one turbine per structure. To be able to have this structure in operating conditions, the worst loading condition is considered known as balancing on the wave. This boundary condition fixes the whole structure at two ends encouraging a sagging condition where enormous stresses acting on the VLFS can fail. To ensure that this is not the case the structure will be designed as a box structure but with multiple conditions being modified passing the criteria of stress on the structure and min weight for largest structure.
The parameters to be varied would be:
1) Length
2) Beam
3) Depth
4) Thickness
5) Number of sections
6) Section height
7) Number of stiffeners
8) Width of stiffeners
9) Height of stiffeners
10) Distance between stiffeners
The calculations would generate the matrix related to the geometry of the structure with the bending stress acting at different point and the overall weight of the structure.
Those parameters would form a matrix with multiple conditions and simulated with the parfor function in MATLAB opening the possibility for parallel processing thus increasing the output process.
The file output would be a matrix and optimised matrix of the dimensions of the listed parameters and the bending stresses where the most valid dimensions for the structure can be found.
From this simulation, a paper will be generated and published in journals of the likes of Ocean engineering and Marine structures.

Project start date: 01/06/2021
Duration of the project: 12 months
Total CPU time required (in hours): 150 hours
CPU hours required by typical job: 1
Approximate amount of data created per job (in GB):
Approximate amount of data created per project: 20
Funding Agency Grant Reference No: R181307-101 Activity Code 470
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Software required for the project: licensed software
Software required to be installed for the project: Matlab
Experience in using software package 1: 9
Software required to be installed for the project:
Experience in using software package 2: 1
Software required to be installed for the project:
Experience in using software package 3: 1
Training required: Basic Linux, Basic of using HPC
Other training required:
Experience in using HPC: 1