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ARCHIE Project title: Not Sure
Project PI: Henry Dyer Building, University of Strathclyde Montrose St
Department: 11/03/2020
Address: Henry Dyer Building, University of Strathclyde, Montrose St, licensed software, G4 0LZ
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Does the PI require to run calculations? 1
Number of users involved in the project: 2 Years
User 1 details:

Mr. Ayodele Fajuyigbe
University of Strathclyde
EngD Student

Service level requested: HPC basic training
ARCHIE Project description: Not Sure
Potential output of the project:

Journal papers, conference papers and PhD thesis.
My doctoral research is focussed on investigating the residual strength offshore wind turbines with multiple small flaws to characterise the remaining useful life. Currently, the calculation of remaining useful life characterises the failure of the structure by considering the growth of a single crack through the thickness. This approach only considers brittle failure caused by the growth of a dominant crack till the point where further crack growth is unrestricted. However, an aged structure is likely to contain multiple flaws such as corrosion pitting or poor weld manufacturing techniques at multiple locations in the structure. Furthermore, these flaws may be undetectable by inspection. For a structure with multiple small cracks, it is possible that the simultaneous presence of cracks at multiple locations that are of sufficient size and density may cause the structure to no longer maintain the required residual strength.

This is a novel idea for wind turbine design and is a key area of research given the ageing fleet of wind turbines in the UK and Europe. As part of my research, I need to run simulations in Abaqus for a monopile containing a myriad of flaw combinations. This would allow us to better understand the response of monopiles containing multiple flaws. Unfortunately, running the required number of simulations using standard computer would take many times the length of my Doctorate so I need the HPC.

Project start date: 11/03/2020
Duration of the project: 2 Years
Total CPU time required (in hours): Not sure
CPU hours required by typical job: 1
Approximate amount of data created per job (in GB): HPC basic training
Approximate amount of data created per project: Not Sure
Funding Agency Grant Reference No: EP/L016303/1
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Software required for the project: licensed software
Software required to be installed for the project: Abaqus
Experience in using software package 1: 2
Software required to be installed for the project:
Experience in using software package 2: 1
Software required to be installed for the project:
Experience in using software package 3: 1
Training required:
Other training required: HPC basic training
Experience in using HPC: 1