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ARCHIE Project title: 200 GB
Project PI: University Avenue
Department: March 2020
Address: University Avenue, , open-source software, G12 8QQ
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Existing relevant KTP activities:
Does the PI require to run calculations? 1
Number of users involved in the project: 2 years
User 1 details:

Mr, Michael, Greencorn,, University of Glasgow, +44 (0) 7961 866419, PhD Student

Service level requested:
ARCHIE Project description: 200 GB
Potential output of the project:

PhD thesis research, publication in thermal and chemical engineering journals (e.g. Applied Energy, Applied Thermal Engineering, Biomass and Biofuels, Fuel, etc.)

Project description:
This project investigates using recycled CO2 to enhance the generation of syngas (synthesis gas) produced during biomass gasification. It will also be combined with CH4, separated from syngas, in a dry reformer to increase the high quality production of syngas consisting of valuable H2 and CO fuels.
Numerical and computational modelling techniques will be developed to study the thermo-chemical processes of gasification and combustion, kinetics reactions, design, system integration, thermodynamics, and multi-phase flow with an in-depth parametric investigation to characterise the system’s overall performance. Effects of various feedstocks, moistures, particle size, temperature and equivalence ratio on the syngas quality will also be investigated.
In the gasifier, both the Boudouard (C+〖CO〗_2 ↔2 CO) and the dry reforming reactions to be studied. The inclusion of the later into the reduction zone of gasifier is a new concept and never been tested before, so its successful conversion in gasifier will be another breakthrough. We will also develop and apply advanced combustion model based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to examine the syngas combustion, and validate the model predicted results with experimental data in Engineering and Chemistry labs.

Project start date: March 2020
Duration of the project: 2 years
Total CPU time required (in hours): 2000
CPU hours required by typical job: 1
Approximate amount of data created per job (in GB):
Approximate amount of data created per project: 200 GB
Funding Agency Grant Reference No: Glasgow University LKAS Scholarship
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Software required for the project: open-source software
Software required to be installed for the project: Ansys Fluent v.19
Experience in using software package 1: 5
Software required to be installed for the project:
Experience in using software package 2: 1
Software required to be installed for the project:
Experience in using software package 3: 1
Training required: Basic Linux, Basic of using HPC
Other training required:
Experience in using HPC: 1