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ARCHIE Project title: 100
Project PI: N/A 100 Montrose St 233, henry dyer building (ja campus)
Department: 06/05/2019
Address: 100 Montrose St, 233, henry dyer building (ja campus), licensed software, G4 0LZ
Relevant industrial collaborations: N/A
Existing relevant KTP activities: N/A
Does the PI require to run calculations? 1
Number of users involved in the project: 3 years
User 1 details:

Miss, Margot, Cocard,, University of Strathclyde, Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering, +44(0)7582892701, PhD Student (Student Username:wjb18182)

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ARCHIE Project description: 100
Potential output of the project:

Different simulations of a ‘’Bladerider’’ flapped T-foil from a Moth foil will be processed and validated using a set of experiment which was processed in the Kelvin Hydrodynamics Laboratory in Glasgow in November 2018. These simulations will be used in conjunction to the experiments to investigate some of the complex phenomena associated with flapped T-foils. These include the interaction between the flow on the horizontal and vertical components of the foil, the free surface effects and ventilation. Indeed, this research focusses on understanding the change of flow pattern but also the conditions that prone this kind of hydrodynamic phenomenon. One of the main objectives is therefore to model natural ventilation using CFD in a two-phase flow. On the other hand, this project also aims at investigating the effect of tubercles on the main lifting foil of a moth sailing dinghy as it was previously proven that tubercles are an efficient device to control the flow and do delay stall.
The results and outputs of this project will be outlined in a PhD thesis and will also be published in conference and journal papers.

Project start date: 06/05/2019
Duration of the project: 3 years
Total CPU time required (in hours): 100,000
CPU hours required by typical job: 1
Approximate amount of data created per job (in GB):
Approximate amount of data created per project: 100
Funding Agency Grant Reference No: N/A
pFact ID: N/A
Software required for the project: licensed software
Software required to be installed for the project: Star CCM+ 13.04
Experience in using software package 1: 3
Software required to be installed for the project: N/A
Experience in using software package 2: 1
Software required to be installed for the project: N/A
Experience in using software package 3: 1
Training required: Basic Linux, Basic of using HPC
Other training required:
Experience in using HPC: 1