ARCHIE-WeSt Training

ARCHIE-WeSt Training


The new ARCHIE-WeSt facility will be available from the 18th April (approx.). Due to the fact we are introducing some changes to the operating environment, for example a new queuing system, and to ensure all our users will migrate smoothly to the new system with minimal impact on the progress of their research, we require all users to undergo training by either:

    • Attending a training session (see below)
    • Watching a webinar which will be made available soon

We strongly recommend users to attend one of the training sessions. Access to the new facility will only be granted after the completion of a short online quiz.

Principal Investigators are also welcome!

Training will take approx. 1 hour and will cover:

    • the technical specification of the new system
    • changes to the user policy
    • the new queuing system
    • example job scripts

We have reserved additional time for face-to-face discussion for those who need it.

Training will take place in the McCance Building, room MC319.


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